This is the first garment I’ve made of this size. It was hard at times, but well worth it.

If you decide to make this, please take the time to work out your gauge, and measure as you go along to make sure it fits you or the person you are making it for! A tip: check the front and back against a similar-fitting dress you already have for reassurance over sizing if/when you need it.

The pattern is by DROPS DESIGN at Garnstudio, found here:

If you haven’t already, do check out their site. They have a great selection of both knit and crochet patterns in various European languages, and a lovely selection of wool.

Plus, if you get stuck, you can leave a question or comment on the relevant pattern page and somebody from the team will get back to you (just be sure to check back for the reply). I’m also happy to help where I can!

Love! x